GlobeQuest Vacation Club

GlobeQuest Vacation Club is a smart new way to maximize your vacation and leisure dollars while enjoying some of the best vacation accommodations, cruises, hotels and travel discounts available.


GlobeQuest Vacation Club provides its members with the most innovative and flexible membership on the market today.


Members can plan vacations to their favorite destination each year, or travel the world with ease through the easy-to-use online exclusive member platform.


GlobeQuest Vacation Club was designed with the member’s interests in mind, and adding benefits which appeal to the modern traveler.


From planning a vacation, to having fun at a member resort, every step can be planned with ease and enjoyed as a GlobeQuest Vacation Club member!



GlobeQuest ® Membership is a smart new way to maximize your vacation and leisure dollars while enjoying some of the best vacation accommodations, cruises, hotels and travel discounts available.

The combined buying power of the GlobeQuest Membership base allows us to secure Members-only rates and discounts through hospitality partners to some of the top destinations in the world. As a GlobeQuest Member, you’ll vacation in style with some of the top brands in the industry as you save on spacious condo resorts, relaxing cruise vacations, luxurious hotels and so much more.

With live, personalized travel planning and a password- protected Member website, you’ll have unlimited access to amazing leisure experiences that will provide endless enjoyment, savings and relaxation year after year.


GlobeQuest is brought to you by Grupo Questro and GBS International. Since 1985, Grupo Questro has mastered the development of ecologically responsible, world-class hospitality projects, including properties in Los Cabos, Mexico City and Puerto Peñasco.

Groupo Questro focuses on high-quality, high-value, fully integrated resorts that set the standard in their class. GBS International supports Grupo Questro by servicing hundreds of thousands of vacation requests annually while providing resort management and customer care functions. This means that, as a GlobeQuest Member, you’ll be welcomed at some of the finest resorts and golf courses in the Grupo Questro portfolio and you’ll enjoy the world-class service of GBS International.

Additionally, Grupo Questro and GBS have forged powerful relationships in the travel and leisure industry giving them access to a wide variety of travel products that add unprecedented value and variety to your GlobeQuest Membership.


Your GlobeQuest Benefits were chosen to provide you with a wide variety of hospitality, leisure and at-home savings benefits. You’ll have access to everything you need to plan, take and enjoy vacations to a wide variety of destinations.

There are several categories of benefits and understanding them will help you to gain the most enjoyment from your GlobeQuest Membership. While GlobeQuest Membership is designed to provide you with direct online access to benefits, it’s our personalized travel services that will remind you of a time when a travel agent would plan and arrange everything for you.

We can help you put together a perfect themed vacation, adventure vacation or just make sure you have airport transportation when you arrive at your destination. Review the benefits overview located to the right and start thinking about how you’ll use your GlobeQuest Membership to take the relaxing break you deserve.

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